Higher education & student visa

to be able to study in France, it is necessary to have a student long stay visa, and to do so, there is one administration (campus France), which allows to apply for the procedure of student visa.

Students wishing to study in France have to go through campus France, the procedures of registrations are periodically opened.

The student must have a clear idea of his studies plan, have a correct level in French if applying to a French school and prepare a set of compulsory documents.

1.The TCF is a compulsory certification for the students coming from a high school not recognized by the French state, wishing to study in higher education in France, every student must have this certification to complete the registration file the TCF is valid 2 years.

The test is structured as follow:

  • Oral understanding (MCQ)
  • Written understanding (MCQ)
  • Structures of the language (MCQ)
  • Written essay (two exercises to handle: an analysis of a document: 200 words minimum + an argumentation of 300 words minimum).

2.Filing the registration and choosing universities and schools

To create its personal profile on the campus France website means completing information on its identity, studies background then loading a set of scanned documents: id, passport, previous school’s grade reports …

Campus France allows to choose the school of its choice, every student has the right to formulate 7 wishes all programs included: architecture, medicine, law, business school, economics, …

3.The interview – Campus France.

An interview is necessary, given after choosing a date on an agenda. It helps checking the authenticity of documents seized on the website. The student has to bring the original documents this day, he will be asked to explain and justify his choices. That is why it is necessary to have a perfect understanding of his needs.

4.The answer

The students have generally the final answers of the trainings to which they were candidate three months after campus France close registering, they can then confirm their choice, obtain a pre-registration and be then able to claim to a student long stay visa.

N.B : This process depends on your home country. You may not be systematically asked everything above.

Studenjoy suggests accompanying you throughout this procedure, to allow you to be the most effective possible and to optimize your time and your energy.

A phone conversation or a physical appointment will allow us to help you choose your orientation but also choose the city which will suit you the best, by taking into account your situation, your budgets and your preferences.

Starting from registering you at campus France until your last interview for the student visa, studenjoy is at your disposal.

With Studenjoy, you benefit from:

  • Registration in CampusFrance

  • Personal guidance for what program to choose and which city to go

  • Full and detailed explanation on living in France, the diverse budgets to prepare

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