There are various types of housing for a student in France. According to your budget, criteria of comfort or still closeness from your university, the choice is very vast and is accessible to the students from all around the world. The student has access to: private studios / apartment from a real estate agency or directly from the owner, flat share, students residencies. Each of this housing types presents particular characteristics, which will according to every student, satisfy his needs.

  • Private studio or apartment

Every foreign student has the right, depending on his financial capacities, to live on his own or in a flat share, in a private studio or apartment. However, he must have a solid renting file, which includes certain documents of financial guarantee. It is necessary to have a French person, family or friend as a guarantor who must submit personal and financial documents proving he can provide for the student. the guarantor must show his last three taxes documents, correct pay slips.

  • The student residencies

Specially designed for students, generally close to universities/schools, to public transportation and stores, these residences offer to the student an environment allying comfort and practicality. Completely furnished, these residences are also equipped with workspaces and entertainment, with fitness gym or still with cafeterias, but also with functional spaces as self-service laundry.

Accessible alone in flat share, these residences offer valuable benefits, as the rent file, the student will not be asked much documents to provide.

  • Academic residencies (CROUS)

Very economical solution, made for the students with a limited financial situation. This type of housing is accessible for the students of any nationalities, offering a very modest comfort with small budgets.

  • Foyers

Establishments that offer cheap, modest but correct rooms for students, accessible to all, sometimes offering spaces of work and leisure activities, as well as small restaurants.

How to choose the right accommodation?

  • The budget :

it is necessary to settle a budget not to be exceeded according to the chosen accommodation (see the pricing list). Then it is better to handle this as soon as possible to compare and choose while its available. Students can due to a lack of precaution, choose a house that doesn’t completely meet their needs. The offer is very vast, thousands of housing are available for all the students, thus it is important to take its time before making its choice.

  • The location :

Very important criterion because, according to needs, the advantages or the inconveniences of the choice of the location can vary. A student will prefer to live near his university whereas another one will choose the city center, in zones with high influence, to take better advantage of stores and shops. The location also impacts the prices of housing because, prices vary considerably from one area to another.
It is also necessary to know the housing taxes rates, which are not the same from a district to another one.

the financial and social aids for foreign students

The student, whatever is their nationality, have access to financial supports on behalf of the state, during all the duration of their studies. It is necessary to register in these administrations and start procedures to profit from these financial supports which are very important and accessible to all. These aids called APL, are generally around 190 euros per month by accommodation no matter its type.

The option « DISPOSITIF CLE»

Cle ( student rental deposit) is a plan that allow the state to become guarantor of foreign students who don’t have any family or friend in France, it facilitates the access to the accommodation.

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