In France, every foreign student, have rights but also obligations. From the visa application to the annual renewal of the residence permit, the students have to be up to date with the local state administration of the city.

Students, often come from home, where their parents are used to take care of the paperwork, and they find themselves independent and have to assume all the legal and administrative obligations. So, to settle down comfortably in their new lives, the students have to register in some specific administrations and service providers.

There are first of all the legal obligations which will allow the student to be in compliance with the French laws and regulations.

Once arriving in France, every foreign student has to go at the OFII office of his region, to get the stamp required to confirm the student visa. Then, the student will have to renew his residence permit every year with the prefecture of his region. Finally, at the end of the studies, the students wishing to stay in France to work will have to proceed to a special request of changing status, or simply ask for the « aps », the necessary document to stay in state before finding a job and signing a permanent contract.

Also, students have obligations related to their security and well being,the insurances personal and housing insurances, then, supplemental health insurances as wished. Universities generally give direct access to these administrations by offering a service of subscription within the school at the beginning of the year. This service will give to every student the right to possess a social-security card, allowing him or her to reach free of charge hospital care, then total or partial reduction on pharmaceutical medicine.
As soon as the student finds an accommodation, a file has to be submitted to the French social security office (CAF), to take receive a monthly financial aid.

CAF (social security office)

More than 800 000 students benefit from financial aid thanks to the CAF through housing aid, so called APL. Which can be asked directly in the administration by filling documents. whether you rent from a private person of a real estate agency, you can reach this help. The APL consists of paying a part of the rent, starting from the second month of living. it is around 190 euros per month.

The residence permit :

To be in compliance with the French regulations, students must renew their residence permit every year by meeting the deadlines at the risk of having to pay expensive fines or to be forced to leave the French territory (OQTF). The renewal is made in the prefecture of the region, or in the specialized offices that handle this operation during the first period of the academic year. Expenses to be paid are estimated at 49 euros a year for a student if this one renews the residence permit in time.

The complementary health insurance

At the beginning of the academic year, you will have to subscribe to the student social security, by choosing between one of the mutual available in your region. The advantages and refunds are the same, the only difference lies in the performance of the service (speed of payments, call center availability, geographical position).

To subscribe, you have to fill a form with your chosen mutual insurance company, then pay annual expenses (217 € for 2017-2018) the fees are included in the total tuition fees for the university and to add in business and private schools.

Once registers with a mutual student, the student is covered from September 1st of the current year till the end of it.

The supplemental health insurance is not compulsory but recommended to make benefit from any specialists’ expenses (dentist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist) or be covered in case of accident.

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