Higher education

Every university offer a « LMD » program (Bachelor-Master-Phd) bachelor in 3 years, master in 5 years and Phd in 8 years. In university the first academic cycle is opened to all the graduates of a high school diploma, the selective entry depends on the number of availabilities there is a multitude of programs available, the student also has the right to change the orientation in case of wrong choice. The fees are on average below 600 euros, including the compulsory health insurance.

Universities set up services to create an ideal environment of studies:

  • Good working conditions in campus
  • State aid for housing and living are available to help students
  • Exchange programs around the world are generally open to everyone
  • Large libraries free of access
  • Open playing fields to all

Short programs

In France there are short programs of 2 years after the high school diploma. It is vocational schools that allow students to start working quickly.

Two-year technical degrees (advanced technician’s certificate), where we list around 2100 schools, public or private.

There are two-year technical degrees in every field of work, from business management to computing or accounting or still esthetics and cosmetic.

The DUT (two-year university degree) is delivered by 114 IUT(university institutes of technology) in France, all connected to a university, the selection is made by examination of the student file which can be rather severe, some of them allow only students with high grades.

Business schools

There are business schools which are accessible right after high school and others, which we call grandes écoles (high business schools) requiring two years beforehand in preparatory schools. During a final exam, every student, according to his grades, will be accepted in one of the grandes écoles. These schools are the top ones in France, classified every year, giving to the student an indication onto the level of each one, besides, the students having followed a bachelor in normal business school, without preparatory schools, can have access, on file, to certain grandes écoles, in cycle of master’s degree.

The grandes écoles of business are generally inspired by American universities, Canadian or English. It is a 3 or 5 years programs. The fees are between 10 000 and 18 000 euros

It is necessary to know that all the degrees of business schools are not necessarily recognized by the state as valuable diplomas, it is important to inquire about the grade and the fame of the school.

Preparatory classes for the grandes écoles (cpge)(preparatory class for entrance to grandes ecoles) are selective programs of education, accommodated generally in high schools. The selection is made regarding the high school grades and prepare students for the final exam of admission to certain grandes écoles. There are 3 categories of preparatory classes (economic and commercial / scientific and technological / literary and artistic)

Business schools without preparatory classes, have a simplified registration process asking a valid high school diploma, plus written and oral tests. The access to these schools remains relatively open to all the students of the world, offering good trainings, programs are very diversified and gives a unique university environment. The fees of these schools vary generally between 6000 and 12 000 euros a year. There are nevertheless less expensive schools.

The benefits of a business school:

The main objective of business schools is to help their students on several aspects of their future working situation, they are very close to each student helping him personally to find internships, jobs, etc.
Business schools set up annually, days of recruitment, where students with their CV(resume) and cover letter, meet companies within their schools, for fast interviews to pick up a work under permanent contract, short term, apprenticeship.

Schools supply lot of help for the students: offices for internship, trainings for hiring interviews, and getting a correct resume.
Student life offices, organizing festive, sports and cultural events to all the students of the school.

It is also possible to study one, or two semesters abroad within the framework of university exchange. These programs allow the students to live a unique experience in a foreign country.

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