The internships

The internships

For every student, the internships are complementary experiences to studies, they allow a real work field experience in companies and confer to the student more and more important jobs and serious responsibilities throughout his full years. the internships allow to make students sure about their choices and future goals, because class is more or less theoretical training, where internships give a front taste of the jobs to which they can aspire.

The importance of the internships is also seen on students, resume, once graduated, the recruiting companies watch carefully the internships done to grant or no interviews to the candidates. The internship does impact the future professional life of every student and can bring them a lot. led well, they allow to create a network and make it easier to find a great job after graduation. For the most fortunate, certain companies can offer a job proposition at the end. That is why you should not take it lightly and really try to find the best ones.

Internships also represent an opportunity of leaving abroad to learn new methods of work and take advantage of new cultures and way of thinking.

Finally when the duration is superior than two month, the internship is paid and it is a good way to make an income, equivalent at least to known 30 % smic (guaranteed minimum wage) and it varies according to companies.

Knowing that in France, every student has the right to work part-time jobs during the academic year, then full time during the internship. Once getting to the masters, the student has the choice to study only and pay by his own the school and his living expenses, or choose and apprenticeship program where the student spend half time at school and the other half working in the company contracted. The benefit from this process is that the company pay the whole amount of the school’s or university’s fees and give a correct salary to the student, allowing to cover the rent and the living expenses monthly.

Studenjoy offers you a custom-made support to put all the chances by your side to find the internship you need the most, and it begins by creating for you a nice cv (resume) and a cover letter but also preparing you to the interview.

The resume represents you, and the objective is to make the recruiter wants to know more about you. a well-structured cv informs your main employers about your academic background, your work experiences, your skills, your special interests, abilities to speak foreign languages, as well as your level on software’s. The cover letter shows your determination as well as your career goals it is the document doing the difference between the candidates applying for the same internship and having the same type of profile, a well drafted cover letter will lead certainly to an interview.

Passing an interview is not always easy for a student, the stress, the apprehension, the self-pressure. Studenjoy offers sessions of coaching and trainings to prepare you for this exercise and gives you the necessary confidence to optimize your chances, you will be trained by real professionals of recruitment whose objectives are to work on your knowledge and how to behave in this situation to win the job.

With Studenjoy, benefit from:

  • Creating for you the perfect cv

  • Writing an effective cover letter

  • Preparation for the interviews

  • Personalized coaching, teaching the right methods of research for internships

  • Trainings from recruiters