Study in English in France

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Study in English in France

Can I Study in English in France?

Foreigners looking to get a university degree abroad are often hit by the decision of languages. Should I study in French? In Spanish? In English? Many factors are involved in this choice. However, if the decision is to get a degree in English, then that brings up another, much more difficult decision to make: Where to study? Can I Study in English in France?


English is the world’s most widely spoken language with approximately 1.5 billion speaking it as either a first or a second language. Chances are, you make one of the 1.5 billion speakers (you are reading this article after all!). English is the language of science, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. It is also the language of international communication, the media, and the internet. Basically, think of any field and you’ll find that English is heavily present there.

This makes English more than a simple language, but a tool for shaping successful careers. Simply speaking the language puts one at a professional advantage, giving them a crucial device to find opportunities abroad, kickstart prosperous careers, and become recognized leaders. Now imagine what one can do when they study for an entire degree in English.


The countries that are quick to slip out the tongue are the UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia. Wonderful countries, we’ll admit; but this is where issues arise. Skyrocketing tuition fees, determined work restrictions, and let’s not mention all the complicated VISA procedures. Nevertheless, there is a hidden country where you can get your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in various fields in English, and that is (drum roll please) FRANCE.


The country of love has more than delicious food, a rich culture, and thousands of French program universities. Realizing the weight of the English language in the workplace pushed countless universities into implementing English programs. If you are looking to get your Bachelor’s degree in logistics, programming, or marketing, French universities offer top-of-the-notch curriculums. Part of the country’s strategic plan is to admit youthful international students, which makes the country more accessible to ambitious students and waivers the complexity of VISA procedures. Not to mention, tuition and fees are reasonable, working permits are allowed, and you can get assistance throughout the procedure, from deciding on the school to settling in.


So there you got it, studying in English can be a cheap and rich experience if done properly. France continues to be at the top of the destinations for studying and building a career. If you wish to get a degree in a worldwide used language with minimal expenses, some of the proposed programs are: 

  • Bachelor in Fashion Designer.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • Master’s in Marketing and International Relations. 

Check out our partnering French universities offering them: 

If  you would like to explore more options, don’t hesitate to register on our website.

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